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Weather in Warsaw: °C
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We offer tasty and varied sets of supporting meals, where you can order a full set or one chosen dish.

Price proposals:

1. Full dinner (soup+ main course + compote) for 15.00 PLN gross

  • main course + compote for 13.00 PLN gross

2. Supportive meals:

  • soup 500 ml , side dish in the form of cold meat, cheese -100g, bread -150 g – for 6.50 PLN gross /portion
  • soup 500 ml, meat, e.g. cutlet, thigh, fish, meatball -100 g , bread 150g – for 8.50 PLN gross/portion
  • supportive meals described above served alternately – for 7.80 PLN gross/portion

We always offer two dishes to choose from.

We serve all the meals in aesthetic disposable packaging (lunchbox + cutlery), ensuring that the warm meals are delivered in thermoports to the place and at the time specified by you.

At the same time in order to meet the needs of our customers we negotiate the prices individually, depending on the number of ordered meals. We are open to any proposal concerning our services.

Variant : soup 500 ml with a side dish of cold meat/cheese 100g and bread 150 g:

  • Tomato soup with noodles, poultry pâté, bread
  • Barley soup, cured pork shoulder, bread
  • Bean soup, toruńska sausage, bread
  • Bigos with meat, bread
  • Ukrainian borscht, breakfast delicacy, bread
  • Sour soup with sausage, poultry ham, bread
  • Cabbage soup, mortadella with mushrooms, bread
  • Mushroom soup, lunch meat, bread  
  • Pea soup, Vavel Polish sausage, bread
  • Vegetable soup, Podlaski poultry pâté, bread
  • Beans stewed in tomato sauce, bread
  • Cauliflower soup, stuffed chicken, bread
  • Neapolitan soup, ham, bread
  • Chicken fricassee, bread
  • Cucumber soup, pig’s leg delicacy, bread
  • Tomato soup with rice, Italian brawn, bread
  • Cabbage soup, formed bacon, bread
  • Sorrel soup, krakowska sausage, bread

Variant : soup 500 ml with a side dish and bread 150 g:

  • Tomato soup with noodles, fish coated with breadcrumbs, bread
  • Barley soup, chicken’s thigh, bread
  • Cucumber soup, fish cutlet, bread
  • Bigos with meat and sausage, bread
  • Ukrainian borscht, chicken ribeye, bread
  • Sour soup with potatoes, pork chop, bread
  • Cabbage soup, meatball, bread
  • Mushroom soup, chicken Kiev, bread
  • Pea soup, poultry meatball, bread
  • Vegetable soup, pork saddlebag, bread
  • Cauliflower soup, chicken fillet with cheese, bread
  • Neapolitan soup, pork neck cutlet coated with breadcrumbs, bread
  • Chicken fricassee, bread
  • Cucumber soup, stuffed cabbage, bread
  • Tomato soup with rice, meat loaf, bread
  • Cabbage soup, pork roulade, bread
  • Sorrel soup, roast pork, bread
  • Mushroom soup with noodles, chicken’s thigh, bread

The offer lunch menu:

Variant 1 Variant 2
Tomato soup with rice
Chicken’s breast with mozzarella
White radish salad
Barley soup
Chicken’s thigh
Potatoes in herbs
Carrot with peas
Variant 3 Variant 4
Cucumber soup
Loin of pork hunter’s style
Sauerkraut cabbage
Cauliflower soup
Turkey melander
Potatoes with dill
Lettuce with cream
Variant 5 Variant 6
Broth with noodles
Pork roulade
Mashed potato dumplings
Fried beetroot
Vegetable soup
Pork neck coated with breadcrumbs
Potatoes with dill
Chinese cabbage salad

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