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Weather in Warsaw: °C
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  • Obiekt Noclegowy Annopol

Locaris Sp z o.o. has proper food and beverage facilities adapted for mass production, also oriented towards school service.

We cooperate with reliable suppliers and make all the dishes with top-quality Polish products.

We guarantee promptness and professional service in completing the orders. We offer a supply of tasty and varied lunches, which can be ordered during the school year.

In order to meet the needs in this field, we have developed a catering system for schools, taking into consideration their diverse conditions. Our meals are prepared with the highest care and they don’t contain any chemicals.

Children want to eat our meals.

Full lunch (soup + main course + compote) – 13.00 PLN
Main course + compote – 11.00 PLN
Soup + compote  – 4.50 PLN
Elevenses (bun sandwich, warm drink) – 4 PLN
Afternoon snack (e.g. home-made cake or pudding or fruit or jelly ) - 3 PLN

We also offer our catering services for special school celebrations  and needs. We assure that we will do our best to prepare meals which will satisfy the nutritional needs of children and youth.

Example menu:

Version 1

  • Tomato soup with rice
  • Chicken breast in herbs
  • Potatoes with dill
  • White radish salad
  • Compote

Version 2

  • Vegetable soup
  • Pork chop coated with breadcrumbs
  • Potatoes with dill
  • Chinese cabbage salad
  • Compote

Version 3

  • Broth with noodles
  • Roasted pork neck
  • Mashed potato dumplings
  • Fried beetroot
  • Compote


ul. Annopol 4B, 03-236 Warszawa tel. 22 811 55 19 e-mail:

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