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Weather in Warsaw: °C
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We organise small family parties, as well as mass events, full of noise and attractions. Business meetings, coffee breaks, official dinners, cocktail parties, demonstrations, BBQs, family meetings...

We offer comprehensive services for all types of events, which include preparation of excellent dishes, arrangement of tables and rooms and qualified staff. Thanks to our long-standing experience and professional equipment we can handle almost all types of parties.

A ceremonial, lavish dinner or supper is ordered on the occasion of exceptional celebrations  and meetings. A business meeting can assume various forms – standing parties or sitting round the tables. It can consist of one set of hot dishes complemented with drinks, snacks and side dishes, or be a rich feast made up of several hot dishes and a wide selection of snacks and side dishes. Regardless of the chosen menu and form of meeting, we will take care of all the details.

Enclosed you will find an example menu for occasional meetings. We are open to your proposals. Prices are negotiated individually.

Baptism is a very important event, both for the child and for their parents. The celebration connected with it is a wonderful occasion to meet th...

We specialise in comprehensive catering services. All the dishes are made by our experienced staff with top-quality Polish products. We cooperate with reliable suppliers.


The Good Taste Kitchen restaurant has a terrace where you can organise a feast in the open air in the form of a barbecue.

Meetings in the family circle is a perfect time to share the joy of moments spent together, the memories of ancient history and everyday affairs, and to spend a nice time at ...

We offer tasty and varied sets of supporting meals, where you can order a full set or one chosen dish.

First Communion is a very important day in child’s life. It is also a great opportunity to meet in the family circle.

Every meeting deserves the best possible setting, that is why we would like to offer to you a coffee break and express catering service for all types of training or conferenc...

Locaris Sp z o.o. has proper food and beverage facilities adapted for mass production, also oriented towards school service.


ul. Annopol 4B, 03-236 Warszawa tel. 22 811 55 19 e-mail:

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